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Buddy Class Reference

#include <buddy.h>

Inheritance diagram for Buddy:

BuddyBase MyListItem

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Doo-Hyun, Jang <ring0320@nate.com>

Definition at line 34 of file buddy.h.

Public Types

enum  HompyType { Cyworld, Home2 }
enum  ItemType { tGroup, tBuddy }

Public Member Functions

 Buddy (QString sHandle, QString sNick, QString sGID)
 Buddy (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
QDate getBirthday () const
int getBirthday_TP_CD () const
QString getCyworld_CMN () const
QString getEmail () const
virtual const QString getGID () const
virtual const QString getGName () const
QString getHandle () const
QString getHome2CMN ()
HompyType getHompyType ()
const QString getMajorCMN () const
QString getMIMID () const
QString getMobile () const
QDate getMusicDate () const
QString getName () const
QString getNick () const
QString getStatus ()
QString getUID () const
bool isAL ()
bool isAuth () const
bool isBL ()
bool isFL ()
bool isHompyNew ()
bool isMobileInvoke ()
bool isOffile () const
bool isOnline () const
bool isQuit ()
bool isRL ()
bool isTong () const
void setAL (bool AL)
void setBirthday (QDate dBirthday)
void setBirthday_TP_CD (int nBirthday_TP_CD)
void setBL (bool BL)
void setBuddyData (const QStringList &slCommand)
void setBuddyFlag (QString sFlag)
void setCyworld_CMN (QString sCyworld_CMN)
void setFL (bool FL)
virtual void setGID (const QString &sID)
virtual void setGName (const QString &sName)
void setHandle (QString sHandle)
void setHome2CMN (QString sHome2CMN)
void setHompyNew (bool bHompyNew)
void setHompyType (HompyType eType)
void setIsAuth (bool bAuth)
void setIsMobileInvoke (bool bMobileInvoke)
void setIsOnline (bool bOnline)
void setIsTong (bool bUseTong)
void setMail (QString sEmail)
void setMajorCMN (QString sCMN)
void setMIMID (QString sMIMID)
void setMobile (QString sMobile)
void setMusicDate (QDate dMusicDate)
void setName (QString sName)
void setNick (QString sNick)
void setQuit (bool bQuit)
void setRL (bool RL)
void setStatus (QString sStatus)
void setType (ItemType eType)
void setUID (QString sUID)
bool useCyworld ()
bool useHome2 ()

Protected Attributes

bool bAL
bool bBL
bool bFL
bool bRL
bool m_bAuth
bool m_bHompyNew
QDate m_Birthday
bool m_bMobileInvoke
bool m_bOnline_YN
bool m_bQuit
bool m_bUseTong
QString m_cStatus
HompyType m_eHompyType
QDate m_MusicDate
int m_nBirthday_TP_CD
QString m_sCyworld_CMN
QString m_sEmail
QString m_sHandle
QString m_sHome2CMN
QString m_sMajorCMN
QString m_sMIMID
QString m_sMobile
QString m_sName
QString m_sNick
QString m_sUID

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