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CurrentAccount Class Reference

#include <currentaccount.h>

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Detailed Description

Doo-Hyun Jang

Definition at line 31 of file currentaccount.h.

Public Types

enum  HompyType { Cyworld, Home2 }


void changedStatus ()
void changedTimerSettings ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void copyAccount (const Account *pAccount)
BuddyListgetBuddyList () const
const QString getDPip () const
const int getDPport () const
GroupListgetGroupList () const
HompyType getHompyType () const
const QString getID () const
const int & getIdleTime () const
const QString getMyArea () const
const int getMyAuthYN () const
const QString getMyCMN () const
const QString getMyCyworldCMN () const
const QString getMyCyworldID () const
const QString getMyEmail () const
const QString getMyEmpasCMN () const
const QString getMyEmpasID () const
const QString getMyHome2CMN () const
const QString getMyHome2ID () const
const QString getMyID () const
const char getMyLoginType () const
const QString getMyMajorCMN () const
const QString getMyMIMID () const
const QString getMyMusicDate () const
const QString getMyName () const
const QString getMyNateCMN () const
const QString getMyNateID () const
const QString getMyNickName () const
const QString getMyPhone () const
const QString getMyTicket () const
const bool getMyTongYN () const
const bool getMyTownYN () const
const QString & getPassword () const
const QString & getProxyPassword () const
const int & getProxyPort () const
const QString & getProxyServer () const
const int & getProxyType () const
const QString & getProxyUID () const
const char getStatus () const
bool getUseIdleTimer () const
bool getUseProxy () const
const bool isMyHompyNew () const
void setBuddyList (BuddyList *pBuddyList)
void setDPInformation (QString sIP, int nPort)
void setGroupList (GroupList *pGroupList)
void setHompyType (HompyType unType)
void setIdleTime (int idleTime)
void setLoginInformation (QString sID, QString sPassword)
void setMyArea (QString sArea)
void setMyAuthYN (int m_AuthYN)
void setMyCMN (QString m_CMN)
void setMyCyworldCMN (QString m_CyworldCMN)
void setMyCyworldID (QString m_CyworldID)
void setMyEmail (QString m_Email)
void setMyEmpasCMN (QString sEmpasCMN)
void setMyEmpasID (QString sEmpasID)
void setMyHome2CMN (QString sCMN)
void setMyHome2ID (QString sID)
void setMyHompyNew (bool bHompyNew)
void setMyLoginType (char m_LoginType)
void setMyMajorCMN (QString sCMN)
void setMyMIMID (QString m_MIMID)
void setMyMusicDate (QString m_MusicDate)
void setMyName (QString m_Name)
void setMyNateCMN (QString m_NateCMN)
void setMyNateID (QString m_NateID)
void setMyNickName (QString m_NickName)
void setMyPhone (QString m_Phone)
void setMyTicket (QString m_Ticket)
void setMyTongYN (bool m_TongYN)
void setMyTownYN (bool m_TownYN)
void setProxyID (QString sID)
void setProxyPassword (QString sPassword)
void setProxyPort (int nPort)
void setProxyServer (QString sServer)
void setProxyType (PROXYTYPE eType)
void setStatus (char status)
void setUseIdleTimer (bool useIdleTimer)
bool useCyworld ()
bool useHome2 ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CurrentAccountinstance ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bHompyNew
bool m_bMyTongYN
bool m_bMyTownYN
char m_cMyLoginType
char m_cStatus
int m_nMyAuthYN
QString m_sMyArea
QString m_sMyCMN
QString m_sMyCyworldCMN
QString m_sMyCyworldID
QString m_sMyEmail
QString m_sMyEmpasCMN
QString m_sMyEmpasID
QString m_sMyHome2CMN
QString m_sMyHome2ID
QString m_sMyMajorCMN
QString m_sMyMIMID
QString m_sMyMusicDate
QString m_sMyName
QString m_sMyNateCMN
QString m_sMyNateID
QString m_sMyNickName
QString m_sMyPhone
QString m_sMyTicket
HompyType m_unHompyType

Static Private Attributes

static CurrentAccountpInstance

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