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KNateon Class Reference

#include <knateon.h>

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Detailed Description

Application Main Window.

Doo-Hyun Jang <ring0320@nate.com>

Definition at line 116 of file knateon.h.

Public Slots

void slotSetGroupList (QStringList &Group)
void slotUpdateStatusText (const QString &sText)
void slotViewMemo (const QString &sReceiver)


void addNewGroup (Group *)
void buddyChangeNick ()
void ChangeGroupList (QStringList &)
void ChangeNickName (QString sNick)
void changeStatus (int)
void cySyncAuthError (bool)
void cySyncCanceled ()
void StartChat (QListViewItem &itemQLVI)
void updateMemoCount (int)
void viewMemoWindow ()

Public Member Functions

void changeStatusOnline ()
void dcopCommand (const QString s)
bool initialize ()
bool initializeLoginView ()
bool initializeLogoutView ()
bool initializeMainView ()
bool initializeNateonDPConnection ()
bool initializeNateonDPLConnection ()
bool initializeNetworkWindow ()
bool initializeSystemTray ()
bool initIdleTimer ()
 KNateon (KApplication *parent, QWidget *widget=0, const char *name=0)
void OfflineEnableMenu ()
void OnlineEnableMenu ()
void saveUserDB ()
bool sendMemo (QString sSender, QString sRef, QString sMemo)
void setCurrentStatus (int nID)
void setDefaultWebBrowser ()
virtual ~KNateon ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
void createActions ()
void createActionsMenu ()
void createFileMenu ()
void createFriendMenu ()
void createHelpMenu ()
void createMenus ()
void createSetupMenu ()
bool initContactPopup ()
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)

Protected Attributes

KPopupMenu * ActionMenu
KAction * chatWithContact_
KActionMenu * connectActionMenu_
KAction * disconnect_
KPopupMenu * fileMenu
KPopupMenu * friendMenu
KPopupMenu * helpMenu
KAction * m_pConfigureNotifications
KActionMenu * m_pConnectActionMenu
KActionMenu * m_pSettingsActionMenu
KAction * m_pShowNetworkAction
KAction * m_pShowProfile
KSelectAction * m_pStatus
KSelectAction * m_pViewMode
KActionMenu * moveContactToGroup_
KAction * pAddfriendAction
KAction * pAddgroupAction
KToggleAction * pAlwaystopAction
KSelectAction * pBuddynamingSelectAction
KAction * pChangenickAction
KAction * pChangeprofileAction
KSelectAction * pChangestatusSelectAction
KAction * pChatAction
KSelectAction * pCopyfriendSelectAction
KAction * pDeletefriendAction
KAction * pDeletegroupAction
KAction * pGocyworldhomeAction
KAction * pGonatedotcomAction
KAction * pGonateonfaqAction
KAction * pGonateonhelpAction
KAction * pGonateonhomeAction
KAction * pGonateonhottipAction
KAction * pGonateoninfo
KAction * pGonateonminihompyAction
KAction * pHideAction
KAction * pLogoutAction
KSelectAction * pMovefriendSelectAction
KAction * pNetLogAction
KAction * pOpenchatboxAction
KAction * pOpendownboxAction
KAction * pOpenfileboxAction
KAction * pQuitAction
KAction * pRenamegroupAction
KAction * pSendfileAction
KAction * pSendmemoAction
KAction * pSetupAction
KSelectAction * pSortlistSelectAction
KActionMenu * settingsActionMenu_
KPopupMenu * setupMenu
KSelectAction * status_

Private Types

typedef QMap< QString, QString > mapGetInviteMsg
typedef QMap< int, QString > mapTidGroup
 그룹명을 추가 하고, tid로 그룹 id값을 받는다.

Private Slots

void connectDPWithAccount (Account *pAccount)
void connected ()
void connectWithAccount (Account *pAccount)
void disconnected ()
void DPLdisconnected ()
void gotINVT (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotAddBuddyADSB_REQST (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotAddCommandQueue (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotAddConfirm (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotAddEtc (const QString &sID)
void slotAddFiendRequire (AddFriendView *pAddFriendView)
void slotAddFriend ()
void slotAddGroup ()
void slotAllHide ()
void slotALRM (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotBlockBuddy (const QString &sID)
void slotBlockBuddy ()
void slotBuddyListAll ()
void slotBuddyListOnline ()
void slotBuddyListOnOff ()
void slotBuddyNameID ()
void slotBuddyNameNick ()
void slotBuddyOnlyName ()
void slotBuddyOnlyNick ()
void slotBuddySort (int nSort)
void slotC1C2 ()
void slotCALM (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotCancelReceive (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotCancelReceiveAll (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotChangeStatusNumber (int nID)
void slotChangeWebBrowser (const QString &sBrowser)
void slotChatInviteData (ChatView *pChatView)
void slotChatMessage (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotChatRemove (ChatView *pChatView, bool bWriteLog)
void slotClickChatPopup (int nType, QString sID)
void slotClickMessageBoxPopup (int nType, QString sID)
void slotCloseApp ()
void slotCloseMemoPopup (MemoPopupView *pMemoPopup)
void slotCloseMemoView (MemoView *pMemoView)
void slotCopyBuddy (const QString &sGroup)
void slotCPRF (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotCySync (const QString &sID, const QString &sPW)
void slotCyUpdate (const QString &sCommand)
void slotDeleteBuddy ()
void slotDeleteFriend (DeleteForm *pDeleteForm)
void slotDeleteGroup ()
void slotDeleteMemo (const QString &sUUID)
void slotDisconnected ()
void slotDPLError421 ()
void slotEditProfile ()
void slotErr201 ()
void slotErr300 ()
void slotErr301 (const QStringList &)
void slotErr302 ()
void slotErr306 ()
void slotErr309 ()
void slotErr421 ()
void slotErr500 (const QStringList &)
void slotFileAcceptOk (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotGetProfile (QStringList &slResult)
void slotGoCyMain ()
void slotGoMyMinihompy ()
void slotGoNateDotCom ()
void slotGotAddGroup (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotINFY (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotInviteMsg (QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotREFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotREQCNEW (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotREQCRES (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotHidenLogin (bool bHidenLogin)
void slotHidePopup ()
void slotHompyNew (const QString &sResult)
void slotHompyRUrl (const QString &sUrl)
void slotIncomingChat (int nType, QString sID)
void slotInputAddGroup (QString sGroupName)
void slotInputRenameGroup (QString sGroupName)
void slotInviteINVT (ChatView *pChatView, QStringList &slInvitorList)
void slotKill ()
void slotListEmoticon (bool bEmoticon)
void slotLockGroup (const QString &sGID)
void slotLogin ()
void slotLSIN ()
void slotMajorHompy (const QString &sResult)
void slotMemoCount (QStringList &slResult)
void slotMemoSetupReplyRole ()
void slotMenuAlwaysTop (bool bTop)
void slotMenuSendFile ()
void slotMoveBuddy (const QString &sGroup)
void slotMyTransferCancel (const QString &sSSCookie)
void slotNamingSelect (int nType)
void slotNateSyncCancel ()
void slotNetLog ()
void slotNewConnectSS (ChatView *pChatView)
void slotNNIK (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotNPRF (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotOpenTransfer ()
void slotOtherLogin ()
void slotP2PNewSocket (QSocket *pSocket)
void slotP2PTimeOut (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotPingError ()
void slotPopupMemoFromUUID (int nType, QString sUUID)
void slotPrivacyFriendMemo (bool bAllow)
void slotPrivacyPermitChat (bool bAllow)
void slotREFR (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotRefreshBuddyList ()
void slotRelogin ()
void slotRenameGroup ()
void slotReplyMemo (MemoPopupView::SendType mSendType, const QString &sReceiver, const QString &sBody)
void slotREQCNEW (ChatView *pChat, SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotRetryConnect ()
void slotSaveChatLog (ChatView *pChatView, bool bWriteLog)
void slotSaveMemo (QStringList &slMemo)
void slotSendCTOCFR (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotSendFile (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void slotSendINVT (ChatView *pChatView)
void slotSendMemo (MemoView *pMemoView)
void slotSendREQCFR (const QString &sCommand)
void slotSetup ()
void slotShowChangeNick ()
void slotShowMemoPopup ()
void slotShowNewMail (int nType, QString sUrl)
void slotShowProfile ()
void slotStartChat (const ContactRoot *pRoot)
void slotTransferCancel (const QString &sSSCookie)
void slotTryREFR (const QString &sP2PCookie)
void slotUnlockGroup (const QString &sGID)
void slotUpdateAwayInfo ()
void slotUserIsIdle ()
void slotUserIsNotIdle ()
void slotViewAMemoPopup (const MimeMessage &sMemo)
void slotViewChat (SSConnection *m_SSConnection)
void slotViewChatBox ()
void slotViewChatLog (const ChatView *pChatView)
void slotViewMemoBox ()
void slotViewMemoPopup (const MimeMessage &sMemo)
void startChat (QPtrList< Buddy > &slBuddies)
void startChat (Buddy *pBuddy)

Private Member Functions

ChatView * createChat (int nTID)
bool isP2PActivedFileCookie (const QString &sFileCookie)
bool isP2PActivedP2PCookie (const QString &sP2PCookie)
void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void showFileTransferDialog (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)

Private Attributes

bool bCancelFileTransfer
bool bConnect
bool bIdle
bool bIsConnected
bool bLogout
bool bOnline
bool bQuit
KConfig * config
QPtrList< CommandQueuem_CommandQueue
QPtrList< SendFileInfom_P2PFileInfoList
QPtrList< NOMP2PBase > m_P2PList
InputBox * m_pAddGroupInputBox
 그룹 추가
QTimer * m_pC1C2Timer
 대화창 관리.
 파일 전송 창.
QHttp * m_pHttp
LoginView * m_pLoginView
 쪽지창 관리.
QTimer * m_pMemoPopupTimer
NOMP2PList * m_pP2PList
 파일 전송을 위한 접속 서버.
Preference * m_pPreferenceView
InputBox * m_pRenameGroupInputBox
 그룹 이름변경
QTimer * m_pRetryConnectTimer
QBuffer * m_pWebBuffer
QIntDict< QStringList > m_SaveTID
mapTidGroup mapGroup
mapGetInviteMsg mapInvite
int nCySync
int nPopupX
int nPopupY
int nREQC
PopupWindow * pChatPopup
DeleteForm * pDeleteForm
WebCGI * pFixBuddyCGI
PostCGI * pHompyNewCGI
InviteWeb * pInviteWeb
KAction * pLoginAction
PopupWindow * pMailPopup
PostCGI * pMajorHompyCGI
WebCGI * pMemoCountCGI
WebCGI * pMemoGetCGI
PopupWindow * pMemoNotify
PopupWindow * pMemoPopup
PopupWindow * pPopup
WebCGI * pProfileGetCGI
ToastWindow * pToastWindow
WebViewer * pWebViewer
QString sChatDataPath
QString sDataPath
QString sDCOPTempCommand
QString sMemoDataPath
QString sPicsPath
QString sTempAddGroupName

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