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void KNateon::slotDeleteMemo ( const QString &  sUUID  )  [private, slot]

메모 삭제

Definition at line 5801 of file knateon.cpp.

References SQLiteDB::deleteMemoInbox(), SQLiteDB::getNewMemoCount(), pSQLiteDB, and KNateonMainview::slotUpdateMemoCount().

Referenced by slotPopupMemoFromUUID(), slotViewAMemoPopup(), and slotViewMemoPopup().

      if ( sUUID == QString::null )
            KMessageBox::information( this, UTF8("메모의 Key 값이 없어서 삭제를 못합니다. 개발자에게 문의 바랍니다."), UTF8("알림") );
      pSQLiteDB->deleteMemoInbox( sUUID );
      m_pMainView->slotUpdateMemoCount( pSQLiteDB->getNewMemoCount() );

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