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NateonDPConnection Class Reference

#include <nateondpconnection.h>

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Detailed Description

Doo-Hyun Jang <ring0320@nate.com>

Definition at line 62 of file nateondpconnection.h.

Public Types


Public Slots

void messageReceived (const QString &m_cMessageQS)
void messageSent (const QString &m_cMessageQS)
void slotChangeStatusAway ()
void slotChangeStatusBusy ()
void slotChangeStatusMeeting ()
void slotChangeStatusOffline ()
void slotChangeStatusOnline ()
void slotChangeStatusPhone ()
void slotPutLockList (QStringList &slList)
void slotPutUnlockList (QStringList &slList)
void slotRealDelete (const QString &sID)
void slotSendLock (const QString &sID)
void slotSendUnlock (const QString &sID)


void addBuddyADSB_REQST (const QStringList &slCommand)
void addCommandQueue (const QStringList &slCommand)
void allowAccept (QListViewItem *, Buddy *)
void connected ()
void connectP2PFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void disconnected ()
void err200 ()
void err201 ()
void err202 ()
void err300 ()
void err301 (const QStringList &slCommand)
void err302 ()
void err304 ()
void err306 ()
void err309 ()
void err421 ()
void err500 (const QStringList &)
void gotREQCNEW (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotREQCRES (const QStringList &slCommand)
void kill ()
void pingError ()
void receivedADDG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedALRM (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedCALM (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedCPRF (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedCTOCAMSG (const MimeMessage &message)
void receivedINFY (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedINVT (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedLSIN ()
void receivedMemoCTOC (const MimeMessage &message)
void receivedNNIK (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedNPRF (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedREFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedREJCT (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedRENG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedREQST (const QStringList &slCommand)
void receivedRMVG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void ReceiveRESS (SSConnection *m_SSConnection)
void refreshBuddyList ()
void showAddConfirm (const QStringList &slCommand)
void statusMessage (QString sMessage, int connectStatus)
void updateStatusText (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

void addCommand (int nTID, const QString &sPrefix, const QString &sText="\r\n")
void closeConnection ()
QStringList getFixHandle ()
int getGroupCache ()
const QString getLocalIP () const
int getTID ()
int getTrid ()
const QString getUserID () const
void gotADDB (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotADDG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotADSB (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotCONF (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotGLST (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotINFY (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotLIST (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotLSIN (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotMemoCTOC (const MimeMessage &message)
void gotPACK (const QStringList &slCommand, const QString &sTid)
void gotPING (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotRENG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotREQCCTOC (QStringList &slCommand)
void gotRESS (const QStringList &slCommand)
void gotRMVG (const QStringList &slCommand)
void initialize ()
bool isConnected () const
 NateonDPConnection (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
bool openConnection ()
bool parseBuffer (const QStringList &slCommand, QString m_pBuffer)
bool parseCommand (const QStringList &slCommand)
bool parseMessage (const QString &sCommand, const QStringList &slCommand, const MimeMessage &message)
void parseMultiLine (const QStringList &slCommand, const char *pData, Q_ULONG nDataLen)
int putADDG (QString sCommand)
int putADSB (QString sCommand)
int putCTOC (QString sCommand)
int putCTOC_INVT (QString sCommand)
int putLock (const QString &sLock)
void putLSIN ()
void putRCON ()
int putRENG (QString sCommand)
int putRESS ()
int putRMVG (QString sCommand)
int putUnlock (const QString &sUnlock)
void sendCmd (const QString &sCommand)
int sendCommand (const QString &sPrefix, const QString &sText="\r\n")
void sendMsg (QString sCommand)
void setGroup0 (Buddy *pBuddy)

Public Attributes

QTimer connectionTimer_
QTimer m_pingTimer
QTimer m_pRetryTimer
QPtrDict< QString > nextCommand

Protected Slots

void connectionSuccess ()
void slotAddAccept (QString &sCMN, QString &sUID)
void slotAddReject (QString &sCMN, QString &sUID)
void slotChangeNick (QString sNick)
void slotCommandTimeout ()

Protected Member Functions

void addPercents (QString &sWord) const
bool connectToServer (const QString &sServer, const int &nPort)
void disconnectFromServer (bool isTransfer=false)
unsigned int getBufferSize ()
QString getDataFromBuffer (const int &nLen)
bool getSendPings () const
QString getValueFromMessage (const QString &sField, const QString &sMessage, bool goToEndOfLine=false) const
QString getWord (const QString &sMessage, const int &nIndex) const
virtual void proxyFailed ()
void removePercents (QString &sWord) const
int sendBinaryCommand (const QString &sPrefix, const QByteArray &sText)
void sendCommand_noTid (const QString &sPrefix, const QString &sText="\r\n")
void setSendPings (bool sendPings)

Protected Attributes

KConfig * config
int m_nTrid
 로그인 사용자 정보

Private Attributes

int m_nGLSTCacheNum
QDict< char > pBList
QDict< QStringList > pBuddyList
QDict< QStringList > pGroupList
QStringList slFixHandle

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