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P2PServer Class Reference

#include <p2pserver.h>

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Detailed Description

Doo-Hyun Jang <ring0320@nate.com>

Definition at line 108 of file p2pserver.h.


void AcceptOk (SendFileInfo *)
void connTimeOut (SendFileInfo *)
void finishTransfer (SendFileInfo *)
void gotNewClient (QSocket *pSocket)
void gotServerATHC (const QSocket *pSocket, const QString &sDPCooke)
void gotSocketDPCookie (int socket, const QString &dpcookie)
void IncomingMessage (const QString &csMsg)
void OutgoingMessage (const QString &csMsg)
void sendCTOCFR (SendFileInfo *)
void updateProgress (const QString &sCookie, const unsigned long ulSum, const unsigned long ulTotal, const int nPercent)
 이어받기를 지원하기 위한 파일 시작 위치

Public Member Functions

void addSendFileInfo (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
int getPort ()
QString getSendFile ()
SendFileInfogetSendFileInfoByDPCookie (QString sCookie)
SendFileInfogetSendFileInfoByDPTid (int Tid)
SendFileInfogetSendFileInfoByID (QString sID)
SendFileInfogetSendFileInfoBySocket (int Socket)
SendFileInfogetSendFileInfoBySSCookie (QString sCookie)
unsigned long getStartPos ()
int getTrid ()
virtual void gotATHC (const QStringList &slCommand, SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
 P2PServer (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void RecvFile (QSocket *socket, Client *client)
void sendAccept (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
int sendCommand (QSocket *pSocket, const QString &sPrefix, const QString &sText="\r\n")
void sendCommand_noTid (QSocket *pSocket, const QString &sText="\r\n")
void SendFile (QSocket *socket, Client *client, unsigned long ulStart)
void sendReject (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)
void setCurrentAccount (CurrentAccount *CurrentAccount)
void setPort (int nPort)
void setSendFile (QString SendFile)
void setStartPos (unsigned long StartPos)
void startServer ()
void stopServer ()

Public Attributes

QMutex mutex

Protected Slots

void slotClientDisconnected ()
void slotConnectP2PFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotConnectToP2P (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotGotSocketDPCookie (int socket, const QString &dpcookie)
void slotIncomingMessage (const QString &message)
void slotNewClient (QSocket *socket)
void slotOutgoingMessage (const QString &message)
void slotReceivedREFR (const QStringList &slCommand)
void slotSendATHC ()
void slotSendATHCtoFR ()
void slotSendFile (int nSocket)
void slotSendFRIN ()
void slotSocketRead ()
void slotSocketReadFR ()
void slotTimeOut (SendFileInfo *pSendFileInfo)

Protected Attributes

QPtrDict< Client > m_clients
int m_nPort
QPtrList< SendFileInfom_SendFileInfo
ServerSocket * m_server
QString m_sServer

Private Attributes

QPtrList< P2PSocket > m_P2PSocketList
NOMHTTPProxy * m_pHttpProxy

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